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Book editing and writing coaching for the self-publishing author who wants to share their words without losing their voice.

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creative mess

Have you ever…

been in a feedback session and gotten 20 different comments, most of which contradict each other and leave you feeling more confused than when you started?

Or is your main feedback from well-intentioned friends, family, or beta readers, who aren’t quiite vibing with your style but have no problem telling you how they think your story *should* end? 

At best, that kind of critical cacophony can feel destabilizing when your story is still young. At worst, it can sweep you up into a perfectionist frenzy that only guarantees you’ll never feel ready to publish.

I’m not here for that. In this space, you are the expert of your story. I’m the one standing by your side, making sure your intentions align with the experience you want your readers to have. 

I’m here to guide you through the feedback and development process and to help your book meet industry standards so it can gleam with the professional polish it deserves.

You should be free to enjoy writing, to make a huge, glorious, creative mess before trying to fit your story into a predetermined container.

Through a collaborative, human-first editorial approach, I facilitate a space where you can write messy and leave the clean-up to me.

Sound dreamy?

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chapter 01

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"Partnering with Sophie has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a writer."

Beau Buchanan

about me

chapter 02

I’ve never been one for a box, but for a while there I sure tried to be.

hi, i'm sophie.

I used to be a Straight-A Perfectionist— Can you tell how I got into proofreading? I felt like I had to do everything right: school, work, fun, you name it. 

At the same time, I also couldn’t stop forging my own path.

When the teacher asked me to write a five-sentence paragraph, I redefined what constituted a sentence and bargained for more lines. (Listen. A one-word sentence is still a sentence, Mr. Mosely.)

I literally went to a university that let me create my own major.

Naturally, I struggled to do things both the way I was supposed to do them and the way I wanted to.

Eventually, I realized that Perfection was a *a-hem* Myth designed to squash creativity and burn-out the most resilient among us.

Fast-forward to today— I’m an editor and writing coach for self-publishing authors, a whole class of people who aren’t afraid to do things their way.

So how did I learn to be an “Anti-Perfectionist” without sacrificing Quality?

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