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we all
have a story to tell

the angle

Reading next to a window on a rainy fall day is my ideal state of being.

hi, i'm sophie

Our world can move fast; I like to soak in the slower moments where I can. That’s when I feel the most creative and the least burdened by Capital “E” Expectations. I believe the creative process thrives in this environment, when the noise of schedules and budgeting and social life falls away, leaving you, your surroundings, and your ideas to say what they need to say.

Unfortunately, time and money and politics actually do kinda (a lot) matter. We live in community and must participate in it. At the same time, people need periodic removal to participate as their best selves. We are also entitled to slow down and create, and then share those creations when the time is right. I believe in making room for that in all our lives.

We all have a story to tell. Why not make space to tell it?

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There is no right way to tell your story.

the why

I believe there are multitudes of ways to express a story that go beyond the various art industries (Publishing, Theatre, Film, etc.). And while I have and do participate in these worlds, I'm also here to challenge the idea that your story needs to follow whatever guidelines these often exclusive spaces dictate.

I can absolutely help you prepare content for publication, and together we’ll celebrate what that process means to you. We can also hold space for your own version of creative expression, whether or not it fits that mold. Storytelling (and writing) doesn't need to be (emphasis on quotes) “Publishable” to be Valuable. It can be a tool for healing, processing, fun, and so much more.

Together, we’ll explore the story you need to tell, how it's serving this moment of your life, and what our process should look like based on what you've decided you want.

I wrote (and edited) a lot of plays for a lot of years, but needed to turn things inward.

In addition to writing my own plays, I worked in a publishing house for several years, proofreading the work of other playwrights. My whole life was writing/editing, writing/editing. Eventually, I was no longer writing because I wanted to but because I felt I had to in order to be taken seriously as a *professional artist*.
Cue the pandemic, when mAnY people started asking me if I would use this down-time to write. Something didn’t compute. Things were slowing down, which was supposed to be a relief, but when I thought about playwriting, I just felt burnout. So I switched things up and sought new ways to scratch that storytelling itch. 
In a twist of events, I bought myself a journal and tapped into Southern Italian herbalism practices to better connect with my mother’s heritage. I started telling the story of me and my loved ones through the plants they worked with, putting into context the struggles they endured, the traditions they celebrated, and my own privilege today as a white, middle-class American who has largely forgotten these traditions. Studying this history and my place in it has informed the narrative I participate in and how I choose to move it forward.

TL;DR: My creative process went from a means of productivity to one of healing, personal development, and community building. I realized there were many more ways to tell a story than I’d previously imagined. I will always, in the grand scheme of things, write plays, poetry, and prose. And I will always edit other people’s writing — but will do so through an open process that considers the needs of both the project and the person.
Through my own experience, I’ve found that my role as an editor is best served on a one-on-one basis, where I can cater the editorial process to the individual, rather than the parameters of a publishing house, just as I needed to honor my own creative needs when I was feeling stuck.
I do not have everything figured out, but I hope I can make space for others to go on their own version of this journey as they navigate the stories they need and want to tell.

we need
and want
to tell

my whole life was writing/editing, writing/editing

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