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You know that feeling when you’ve read your manuscript so many times you can’t tell up from down anymore? And in your heart you know your story has potential but something’s just not clicking into place? And still, as you hunch over your computer in the wee hours of the night, all you can do is watch the Doom Cursor endlessly blink?

Take a breath.

Let’s try an alternative:

You feel energized to write and you honor your challenges. You’re listening to your whole body as you develop the work, and stepping back when it tells you it’s time to rest. You’re not concerned with Perfection as much as Self-Satisfaction. You're exercising discipline but not beating up on yourself. 

You’re having fun.

Whether you’re on draft number one or twenty, you deserve a fulfilling, sustainable writing practice. 

That’s where I come in.

As an editor and writing coach, my job is to take that pressure off. Together we can craft the story you want to write, without the hair-pulling, midnight self-edits.

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Developmental Editing

This is where the macro work happens. Before we can start talking about sentence flow, punctuation, or formatting, we've gotta make sure you're happy with the capital-S Story. You don't want to go through an intensive copy edit only to realize you then need to add a new character and scrap three chapters! Let's save you some time, shall we?

In a developmental edit, we'll address the major elements of the storytelling: character, plot, pacing, point of view, writing style, etc. Among other things, I'll locate areas of potential confusion, so your reader isn't stumbling on key plot points. 

We might unpack how you're using genre, theme, or metaphor to support the driving questions of the piece. We'll definitely make sure you have a clear sense of what those questions are. 

As your editor, my job is to critique your work, not criticize it. Before I write down any notes about your piece, I'm gonna make sure I understand your creative intentions. My feedback should support the work you've already done, not unravel it.

This type of editing is great for authors who have finished at least one draft of their piece and want professional guidance as they deepen the work.

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Rates start at $0.05 per word
(About $2,500 for a 50,000-word manuscript,
or 4 payments of $625)


  • Author questionnaire unpacking your process, writing style, and preferences

  • One-on-one kick-off chat

  • One initial developmental editing pass, with in-document feedback

  • Comprehensive Editorial Report with feedback on story, character, and other big-picture elements

  • Mid-process check-in to walk you through editorial report and discuss next steps

  • Second follow-up pass after you've made edits based on my first-round feedback

  • Unlimited support over email or Zoom throughout our process


Line & Copy Editing

This is where we dig into the details. Line editing and copy editing are technically two different processes, but for ease (and for your budget) I offer them in one package.

Line editing addresses the flow and feel of the language. Think of your prose like one big pipe, and your story, the water that flows through it. Clunky sentences, overwriting, underwriting, mixed metaphors, and awkward syntaxes can all create blockages in the pipe, hindering the flow of your book, or worse, confusing your reader. My job as a line editor is to make sure your story reads smoothly from page 1 to fin.

Copy editing addresses the grammar and structure of the sentences. This type of edit ensures the writing is clear and consistent, and follows the standard rules of English grammar and style—unless you've intentionally deviated from those norms.

This edit is ideal for writers who have already addressed big-picture edits, and will not be changing any more major elements of the story.

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  • Author questionnaire unpacking your goals, writing style, and style preferences

  • One-on-one kick-off chat

  • One initial line and copy editing pass, with sentence-level edits and feedback

  • A tracked-changes tutorial to help you navigate the edited document

  • A bespoke style guide to ensure consistency throughout the editing process

  • Mid-process check-in to walk you through the first round of edits and confirm style choices

  • Second follow-up pass after you've made edits based on my first-round feedback

  • Unlimited support over email or Zoom throughout our process


Rates start at $0.04 per word
(About $2,000 for a 50,000-word manuscript
or 4 payments of $500)

Proof & Polish

This is for you if you’re steps away from hitting publish, but need one last check to ensure your book is ready for the world.

Unlike developmental editing or copy editing, proofreading does not address big-picture elements or sentence structure. Instead I'm looking for clear errors, inconsistencies, and any sneaky formatting oopsies. (Even the most skilled formatters can make mistakes!)

This is ideal for writers who have written a final draft, have had the book completely formatted, and want to hit publish with confidence.

Note: If I've already done developmental editing or line & copy editing on your book, I will likely refer you to another proofreader in the field to ensure you have a fresh pair of eyes.

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Rates start at $0.025 per word
(About $1,250 for a 50,000-word manuscript
or 4 payments of $312.50)

  • One-on-one kick-off chat, discussing your publishing goals and your process so far

  • One proofreading pass with attention to spelling, grammar, and formatting

  • A marked-up PDF with my changes + comments where necessary

  • A recorded walk-through of the marked-up document, so you can easily interpret my edits

  • A bespoke style guide if you don't have one already

Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is designed to support you in the earliest stages of your book, when the ideas are messiest and the manuscript is in progress.

We'll have two sessions a month, giving you time in between those sessions to work on the book. During our sessions, we'll chat about where you're stuck, unpack what might be causing those blockages, and develop strategies to move your process forward.

Two days before each session, you'll be invited to send me new or revised pages to look at. Unlike a developmental edit, this review is less focused on critique and more on your process. Rather than giving you prescriptive feedback, I'll share what questions came up for me and help you decide how you want to move forward.

Most importantly, we're not trying to polish or perfect your book through coaching. This is the most exciting part of the writing journey (I think), where you have the chance to make a big mess and clean it up later in the editing process. We're here to explore the myriad ways you could tell your story, and to find the path through that feels right for you.

While I have a loose template for how our sessions will look, ultimately we decide together how our time will be structured and what you want to focus on creatively. This is your playroom. Let's make a mess.

the coaching package:

one-off 60-minute brainstorm session:

Investment: $110

  • Author questionnaire unpacking your process, writing style, and creative challenges

  • Two private workshop sessions per month, 50-minutes each

  • Editorial review of chapters in progress

  • Customized exercises, writing prompts, and reflection questions

  • 24/5 support throughout our process

Investment: $400/month

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60-minute video call to help you explore a creative problem or discuss your writing process generally.

"Partnering with Sophie has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a writer. 

Her supportive approach has allowed me to work as my authentic self, which has had a profound effect on my content during the proofing and copy editing process. She provides safety in vulnerability and has honed my skills with invaluable and constructive feedback, notably reminding me of what’s important to focus on to best foster my potential. Sophie has empowered me to believe in myself and create what matters, guiding me to next steps to achieve my life goals. So thankful for Sophie and our partnership!”

Beau buchanan, author and illustrator, Unicorn

"I was completely stuck and totally unsure of how to make progress on my piece until Sophie and I started working together. 

She helped me see the beauty in my story again and guided me out of my creative rut with encouragement and expertise. This is my first book and is a memoir about a queer relationship. I was scared to have a stranger analyze it closely, but Sophie was kind and helpful in her edits. She is a lovely person and talented editor. I would absolutely work with her again."

C. Oliver, memoir author

"Having never worked with an editor before, I was very picky with the selection process for my first novel.

 Sophie was organized, professional, and patient during the initial conversations, and those traits only strengthened during the editing process. Her supportive approach and attention to detail, while also making sure the integrity of my voice was still present, was exceptional. I'm thrilled with how polished the book reads! There is no doubt in my mind I will work with Sophie again in the future."

Jes Smyth, author, time for once

"Sophie has been perhaps the most trusted reader, editor, and critic of my work for years now. 

She brings a caring, insightful approach to content critique that has left every project I’ve ever workshopped with her more nuanced and more assured. She’s got a great eye for copy editing too. If you’re keen to feel as if your editor or creative coach is personally invested in both your process and your product, I cannot recommend Sophie’s services highly enough.”

daniel mcelroy, MA Migration and Diaspora Studies

“Sophie was meticulous yet gentle with my book proposal. 

She edited my work with a fine-tooth comb without compromising my voice. She added a greater sense of clarity to my work, which is exactly what I was looking for. I trusted her every step of the way as she took the time to check in with me regularly. Going forward, I will work with Sophie whenever I need an editor. She is a pleasure to work with and prompt with delivery. I could see that Sophie wanted me to succeed. She did not treat my project like a one-off. She took the time to understand the needs and message of my business. For this reason, I will remain loyal to Sophie for future projects.”

Sophia Feliciano, author, The Toothless Connoisseur

“I was desperate to get back to writing after losing my groove in the pandemic. 

Sophie not only helped me unravel pain points that kept me from finishing pieces I was stuck on, but worked with me to develop routines to make facing that blank page less daunting. She gave me invaluable tools that I needed to love writing again and feel empowered to keep going. She's also just the most wonderfully patient, kind, organized, and supportive person I've met. I want her involved in everything I do!

paige wollensak, comedy writer

"Sophie’s wit and talent is only outdone
by her patience. Working with her was a great experience, and she could not have been more helpful.”

Nick Blatt, video editor, CNN

Affirming Approach

Human-First Writing Goals

Community-Driven Development

This approach to feedback… 

This approach to productivity…

This approach to story development…

  • champions a “yes and” attitude,
  • meets the writer where they're at, not where they think they "should" be,
  • assumes the author is the expert on their own story and style.
  • prioritizes the personal needs of the author,
  • promotes achievable goals,
  • allows flexibility when circumstances change,
  • celebrates creative bravery, and
  • respects personal boundaries and “off-limit” topics.
  • builds community over competition,
  • promotes dialogue between authors, editors, designers, and readers,
  • invites feedback but gives the writer tools to stay grounded in their ideas,
  • celebrates the author’s truth while leaving room for growth.

If we're a good fit, you'll vibe with my…

let's chat

Let's make a mess.

Whether I’m working with you as an editor or a coach, I can’t wait to learn about you and your project and all the things that make both of you unique. At the end of the day, we’re not really here to make your work like everybody else’s. I mean…yes, we can make sure everything is spelled correctly and styled consistently. But when we get past all that, I like to think we're here to play. This is a space for you to turn that whole brain-palace of thoughts and emotions and questions into a piece that you’re ready (and Excited!) to share with a community. 
This is a playroom. Let’s make a mess.

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